23rd Colours of Sepsis Before as the Postgraduate Course on Sepsis and MODS

The 23rd Colours of Sepsis


April 26th - 30th 2021


  • Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava (map)

Main topics

  • Severe sepsis
  • 8th Postgraduate Course for Nurses in Intensive Care
  • 18th Symposium News in Pediatric Intensive Care
  • 3rd Day of Young Intensivists

Coordinator and supervisor of scientic programme

  • Klinika anesteziologie, resuscitace a intenzivní medicíny FN Ostrava
  • Klinika dětského lékařství FN Ostrava

Event organiser

On-course activities

Postgradual lecture

Top-level lecture, presents "State of The Art" of the topic. Should not be limited to lecturer’s own study results or opinions. The lecture takes 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion, which is moderated from the chair.

Meet the experts

Discussion of two experts, changing their opinions with each other and members of the audience as well. It can be supported by short (5-10 minutes) presentation. This type of activity lays stress on discussion and takes 45 minutes. No moderator is present.

Pro-Con Discussion

Both opponents present 10 minutes presentation to support their opinions on the topic. Following general discussion is moderated by the moderator. "Pro-Con Discussion" takes 45 min.

Teaching Lecture

The lecturer is presenting theoretical, but mainly practical aspects of the topic. Presentation is expected to evocate discussion. Case report presentation is advised to be illustrative. "Teaching lecture" takes 45 minutes. No moderator is present.

Basics for Intensive Care Medicine

Monothematic bloc of 5 – 7 lectures. The lecturers are deeply involved in pathophysiology and it’s clinical applications. The lecturers moderate discussion. One lecture takes 45 minutes.

Panel Discussion

Each participant of the panel is asked by moderator to present (2-3 minutes) his/her opinion on the topic, followed by general discussion including members of the audience. Graphic presentation (projection) is not allowed. "Panel Discussion" takes 45 minutes. If previous Postgraduate Lecture is the topic of Panel Discussion, it takes 30 minutes.

Poster Section

Posters are mainly focused on practical results, treatment and care options or interested case reports on the field of severe sepsis. First author presents their results and opinions by-the-poster at scheduled time to the commission and the auditor. Posters should be displayed during whole Course time.

  Colours of Sepsis

Akce se koná každoročně v lednu. Má postgraduální charakter a je určená lékařům a sestrám, kteří se zabývají intenzivní péči. Koordinátorem a garantem odborného programu je Klinika anesteziologie, resuscitace a intenzivní medicíny a Oddělení pediatrické intenzivní a resuscitační péče Kliniky dětského lékařství Fakultní nemocnice v Ostravě. Program akce je připravován v úzké spolupráci s předními odborníky ČLS JEP, SLS a Výukového pracoviště Intenzivní medicíny IPVZ v Ostravě.


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